Saturday, September 21, 2019
search engine marketing agency

The "Search Engine Marketing Agency"
The "Search Engine Marketing Agency" is based in London. As our generic keyword rich name suggests, we provide all of the services you might require from a search engine marketing agency. Our services include keyword research and discovery, site optimisation, copywriting, web design, web development, PPC set-up, management and campaign optimisation. The Search engine marketing agency also employs unique and proven techniques to improve conversion rates and site ranking across key search terms.

Search Engine Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing
In 2008 search engine marketing was one of the only advertising sectors to experience significant year on year growth. At the turn of the century Search Engine Marketing was only being taken really seriously by companies in the travel, finance and insurance sectors. In 2009 with more than 34 million internet users in the UK almost every business has recognised the importance of a good web presence. As a result we have seen much greater levels of advertiser competition across a broad spectrum of business sectors which has resulted in higher PPC costs.

Why Choose the Search Engine Marketing Agency?

search engine marketing agency

Search Engine Agency
The Search Engine Marketing Agency specialises in positioning sites in the natural search listings. We understand The value of position 1 and the relative value of positions 2, 3, 4 and 5. We identify the search terms which should form part of your Search Engine Marketing Strategy and the search terms which are best addressed by PPC advertising. The Search Engine Marketing Agency provides free consultation to all businesses in the UK. We provide recommendations, proposals and solutions regardless of your budget. We have no minimum spend requirements!

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